Intraday Trading Formula


Intraday trading formula for high probability intraday trading opportunities.

What is the intraday trading formula?  To implement more effective intraday trading strategies, you must look at the price charts and trade set ups from a completely different perspective. This perspective is TIME!

Time is the most important element for trading in any time frame, whether it is on a monthly, weekly, or daily price chart, or for intraday trading on a faster time frame. Price analysis is always secondary to time analysis. The best time frame for intraday trading is the 4 or 5 minute price chart for astronomical reasons.

To quote the legendary financial astrologer, master trader and forecaster, the late W.D. Gann, here is what he wrote about TIME analysis. “Get the idea of prices out of your head” from Truth of the Stock Tape, page 125.  From How to make profits in Commodities, page 56 and Forecasting page F-7, “TIME is the most important factor of all, and not until sufficient time has expired does any big move up or down, start. The Time Factor will overbalance Space and Volume. When Time is up, space movement will start and big volume will begin, either up or down.”

This trading axiom can be applied in any time frame you trade, whether it is a monthly, weekly, daily time frame, or for intraday trading using a 4 or 5 minute price chart.

Get the lag out!  You probably have experienced how typical technical buy or signal indicators always lag the market. By the time you get in with your buy or sell signal, the trade often moves against you. It often feels like you even have this magical effect on the markets and make it move in the exact opposite direction you are attempting to trade in!  This is because typical man made mathematical formulas which technical indicators are based on lag. By the time they give you a signal, the trade may be over.

There is a better way. This is focusing on TIME, the only leading indicator that informs you in advance of when a top or bottom is due to unfold, or a reversal is going to occur. The right entry technique must be used with this approach, typically when the high or low of the previous is broken for confirmation of the reversal. Price is used to “confirm” a top or bottom is unfolding only if key planetary price levels are reached at one of the same key times. Price is also used for proper risk management, stop loss placements, and profits points. The majority of the biggest winning trades occur when price AND time come together during the day, which you will experience once you incorporate this approach.

My daily astro-timing reports for the emini, gold, crude oil, or Eur/Usd give you all the calculated daily key planetary support or resistance levels to be included with the key “astro-times’ for intraday top/bottoms or reversal to occur, a daily forecast, and the most important key weekly levels and key reversal days of the week.

If you use your own trading methodology and price calculations or technical patterns, integrating the daily key trading times gives you more confirmation of a top/bottom or reversal and will dramatically increase your probabilities and percentage of winning trades.

Each day I spend approximately an hour calculating and recalculating the daily key times based on my own original research and discoveries in the field of financial astrology spanning two decades. As long as the market you are trading has volume, the daily key times will give you the timing edge you are looking for trading stocks, commodities, futures, currencies, and will work trading any market on any exchange in the world. I have subscribers using my “Daily AstroTimer” from all over the world who trade in China, South Africa, UAE, Europe, as well as the United States. You may watch my most recent tutorial video at Intraday Trading Strategies.

The monthly subscription rate works out to only $7.50 per trading day for this very valuable information and timing alerts in real time converted to your time zone anywhere in the world that you are trading!

If you are an experienced, active day trader, you can use this powerful tool to give you an additional timing edge for intraday trading, go here  GET STARTED NOW.

For more guidance on a personal level and to know when your own best cycles for profit and success are in the markets, you may also visit Astrology Services. For more trading tips for intraday trading, read Intraday Tips.

Wishing you the best of trading success!

T.S. Phillips


Disclaimer: Only speculative capital should be used to trade in the markets. Trading involves high risk and requires skill, discipline, and experience as well as the best timing or trading system that put the odds strongly in your favor. Past forecasting accuracy is not necessary indicative of future forecasting results or trading profits.

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