EMini Trading Strategies

Emini trading strategies that combine the key planetary times in your daily astrotimer with the correct daily planetary price levels for more accurate support and resistance is the winning combination for intraday trading.  You can have a trading plan each day based on leading price and time indicators. You will know in advance “when” an intraday top or bottom is likely to unfold, and a reversal is due to occur. You will also know “where” at the correct planetary price levels for intraday tops and bottoms. When you put these two factors of price and time together, this creates the ideal circumstances and best daily trade set ups for reversals and trend changes. Watch my latest recent video to see these trade setups in action from 07/23/2015, Emini Trading Strategies using planetary timing signals.”

I have been analyzing and calculating the very best planetary price and time signals for trading the emini’s on a daily basis since 2002. I know this market extremely well. The planetary support and resistance levels when combined with the daily planetary times, give you the most accurate and highest probability signals for day trading reversals and catching the big trend changes and runners during the day.

As long as you already have the trading experience, and use a faster time frame, 4 – 5 minute price chart, and good entry technique, the information you will receive in my Daily E-Mini Astro-Report™, will give you a huge trading and timing advantage. You can even combine the daily planetary levels and times I send you with your own effective trading plan to further increase winning percentage and probabilities of success.

You can read more details about my daily emini trading strategies and trader testimonials at www.AstroAdvisor.com.

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