Intraday Trading Strategies


Intraday trading strategies for the most effective market timing approach for day trading. Watch my 11 minute tutorial video for market timing using key times, 4 minute time frame, and best trade entry approach.

Focusing on Time alone will give the very best possible trading edge. This is the most important factor of all. Price analysis is always secondary to Time. Time analysis “leads the market.” It informs you in advance When tops or bottoms are due to unfold and When the important reversals or trend changes are going happen especially for intraday trading.

You must get the lag out of your trades. If lagging technical indicators really worked, then trading would be easy! It’s far from it. Tired of using the same moving averages, stochastics, macd, divergences, traditional support and resistance, etc. that every other trader in the world uses to attempt to Time the market?  Without the right tools, knowledge, and approach, trading is the most difficult of all professions. By focusing on Time analysis as part of your intraday trading strategies, you will have a powerful trading edge and timing advantage for intraday trading.

Planetary support and resistance based on the positions and harmonics of the planets is also based on Time and is far more accurate than traditional support and resistance including fibonacci retracements. However, even these levels are secondary to Time. My daily astro-timing reports for the emini, crude oil, gold, or eur/usd include a forecast and the planetary price levels for the most accurate support and resistance. They can also be used with your daily astrotimer to give you a complete plan of action each day to know not only “when” the market is due to turn but also “where” at the correct planetary price levels each day.

Intraday trading has many advantages compared to swing trading or longer term trading. It’s a lot less stressful because you are moving into cash before the close of each day. You can sleep better at night! If you have a winning timing and trading approach, the faster you turn your cash over every day, the better your return will be. As long as you have the experience, trading skills, discipline, and a good trading methodology, my daily astrotimer will give you the very special timing edge you have been looking for. For more trading tips to help you achieve greater intraday trading success, read Intraday Tips.

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